Untappd Menu

We are a microbrewery with 18 taps of our own craft beers. We have 2 tap rooms, pinball machines, old school video games, foosball table, corn hole, and a nice relaxing atmosphere. Our beers include but not limited to: amber ale, IPA, double IPA, porter, brown ale, session IPA, coffee brown, blonde ale, stouts and a number of pale ales. We also have a couple guest ciders and Mother Kombucha tea on tap. We are dog-friendly in our outside areas. We are also kid friendly and family oriented so bring the kids!

Our Story

We began our journey in the back of a small restaurant in Treasure Island, Florida called the R Bar & Grille. One of our cooks who is now our head brewer Eric Richardson was a home brewer boiling his wort on top of the restaurants gas stove when I asked him “What are you doing? You are supposed to be cooking. He told me he was making beer so I asked him to give me a sample when it was finished. Well, that finished product was an awesome IPA, so as an owner I came up with the idea of starting a brewpub. In the back of a tiny kitchen at the R Bar, we put together a 20-gallon brewstand and a makeshift fermentor. The federal government mandated we have a secure area for the brewery part so we built a chain link fence (basically a cage) to block off the area to keep it secure. We tapped our first beer and the rest is history! We could not keep up with the demand, so we decided to build a larger brewery off-site and found this great property in St. Pete’s Grand Central District. So since we began our journey in a Cage in the back of the restaurant we decided to call the brewery Cage Brewing, and to this day we still cannot keep up with production, but that’s a good thing! Our vision is not to become millionaires but to make the best beer possible for our guests and still make a good living and be comfortable. We find if a brewery grows too fast, just to make a lot of money, they sacrifice quality, and we are all about the quality of our beers.  We will continue to grow slowly and make great beer!